Neurological Integration System (NIS)


NIS is a system of health care that uses the brain to optimize the function and repair of the body. The body is constantly receiving information from all systems, e.g. the organs, gland muscles and joints and this information is monitored by the brain.

From time to time these circuits can breakdown a bit like fuses in your house due to physical, emotional, pathological or neurological stress. This leads to pain and discomfort or disease.

NIS uses a set of treatment protocols to evaluate the neurological circuitry and reset the neurological function of the body. This has the ability to help the body fight infection, repair an injured muscle or joint, improve digestion and balance hormonal issues within the body.


Principles of the NIS System

Principle #1
NIS is based on the neurophysiological premise that the brain (not the mind) governs all of normal and optimum body function.

Principle #2
The brain makes the corrections to the patient, not the practitioner.

Principle #3
NIS does not treat labelled complaints. It returns all body systems to optimum potential for that individual.

The body’s’ systems do not work in isolation so should never be assessed and treated that way. Integrated neurophysiological function must be addressed for the real causes of complaints to be fully resolved.